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The Exit IV is a patented, revolutionary, four-finger thumb-button design. With the simplicity of our lock-and-load design you won’t have to push a cocking button to attach the hook to your string, simply close the hook on the string and you are ready to shoot. The only screw you will need to adjust on this release is inside of the thumb barrel, allowing for your personal preference in location. The Exit IV has a fully radiused handle, hardened 440C SS hook and available in a black cap green base finish. The Exit IV comes with the standard size wrist strap, black bracket and green stitching.The Exit IV comes on our patented flex connector leather strap that is the easiest system on the market today, with just one screw that moves in and out you can fit the release to any hand size, or take the strap completely off and shoot it without. The Exit IV is the best wrist strap thumb-button design in the world.

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