Bigshot 450X Bag


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Field Point Bag Target • Crossbow Capable • Rated 450 FPS • 24″ X 24″ • Replacement Bags Available — Introducing the BIGshot 450 X, our most popular bag target for experienced crossbow and speed bow enthusiasts. With a heavy-duty DUAL CORE, it delivers extra stopping power up to 450 FPS. The exclusive internal stand design and added weight ensure super stability on uneven terrain. UV resistant with a rain barrier for outdoor longevity, the 450 X measures 24″x24″x12″ and weighs 42lbs. Take your practice to the next level with the ultimate choice in bag targets – the BIGshot 450 X. Its DUAL CORE technology handles speeds up to 450 FPS, while the internal stand design and added weight provide unmatched stability. Built to endure outdoor use with UV resistance and a rain barrier, it measures 24″x24″x12″ and weighs 42lbs for easy portability. Elevate your shooting experience with precision and reliability.

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