Black Eagle Vintage Crested .005 6 Pack Arrows


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PREMIUM HUNTING / TRADITIONAL FLETCHED ARROWS **** SOLD IN 6 Packs***** 19 SERIES | STANDARD DIAMETER The Vintage Crested Feathers Red/White/Black, a must-have in the Arrows category for archery enthusiasts. These arrows showcase a stunning design of red, white, and black feathers that exude a vintage charm. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these arrows are available in various spines (350 Spine, 400 Spine, 500 Spine, 600 Spine) to cater to different preferences. The Vintage Crested Feathers Red/White/Black stands out with its unique selling points – its eye-catching colors, intricate design, and high-quality materials. Elevate your archery game and relish in the classic aesthetics of these exceptional arrows. SAFETY FIRST FEATURES .005″ or Better Straightness or Straighter ± 1 Grain Weight Tolerance 34″ Shaft Length FLETCHED ARROWS INCLUDE: Black Eagle Arrows Standard Nock – Flo Red -8 Grains Aluminum Inserts – 14 Grains 4″ Feathers | Red Barred, Black – 3 Grains

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Green/Yellow, Red/White/Black


400, 500, 350

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