Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Yellow Crested Fletched Arrows 300/.003


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Everyone knows the (Zombie, Walker, Living Dead) apocalypse is just around the corner. Get ready by filling your arsenal with Zombie Slayers. These shafts are engineered with speed and kinetic energy, designed to cause the maximum zombie face damage. These 100% carbon Zombie Slayer arrows are manufactured with the tightest .001″ or .003″ straightness or straighter tolerances, to ensure you never miss that critical head shot. Don’t entrust your family’s survival with some second rate shaft, unless you like getting eaten alive. SAFETY FIRST FEATURES .001″ and .003″ Straightness or Straighter ± 1 Grain Weight Tolerance 32″ Shaft Length FLETCHED ARROWS INCLUDE: Flo-Yellow Black Eagle Arrows Standard Nock 8 Grains Zombie Slayer Inserts – 14 Grains 2″ Vanes | Flo-Yellow, Flo-Orange – 18 Grains Zombie Emergency Survival Arrow Box