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What makes the Extinguisher Deer Call the #1 rated deer communication system on the market? The Extinguisher’s patented ModiSlide™ allows you to sound like a Buck, a Doe or a Fawn in an instant. 99.6% Approval Rating – NAHC Field Test, highest ever by a deer call! FreezeFree™ Design – The Extinguisher’s modiSlide™ also serves to free the call from a “freeze-up.” Throat-Tube™ – This dual layered technology produces extremely realistic sounds allows for directional calling. Free Instructional Videos – Watch our detailed instructional series and learn how to effectively communicate with deer. Simply download the FREE ‘Deer Society’ mobile app for access to hours of educational video content! Made in America – Every Extinguisher deer call is acoustically tested before it passes final inspection.

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