Nockturnal Universal Fit Orange


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Make it easier to find all your arrows in the field after shots with the Nockturnal®-G Lighted Nocks from Nockturnal. Dependable, accurate, and consistent, this illuminated nock activates its built-in LED light with a fail-safe, string-activated linear switch located deep inside the nock. Made of a clear plastic for super visibility, this LED-illuminated nock can be seen hundreds of yards away in daylight or fading light. Designed to go straight from the package to the shaft with no special prep work. Waterproof and shock resistant design. Nockturnal G models fit most arrows with an inside diameter of .165″, including VAP Armor Piercing, Easton® A/C/C, and more (arrows not included). Weight: 15-17 grains. Lighted nocks makes arrows easier to find Fail-safe, string-activated linear switch is located deep inside the nock Clear plastic for super visibility Can be seen hundreds of yards away – daytime or fading light 20+ hours of battery life Replaces standard nocks with no special prep work