Nockturnal Universal Fit Strobing Blue/Red


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See your shot’s path and find more arrows in fading light situations with Nockturnal® Universal Fit Lighted Nocks. Designed for greater efficiency in low light, enhanced precision, and vastly improved retrieval, these proven lighted nocks help bowhunters see arrow impacts under any light and find arrows on pass thru shots. These ultra-strong polycarbonate nocks feature Nockturnal’s game-changing, shot-activated lighting system for a foolproof glow to help you retrieve your arrows with incredible ease and pinpoint accuracy. Each lighted nock provides 20+ hrs. of battery life to accommodate extended trips. Have you seen the light? With Nockturnal Nocks, you will, every time. Universal-fit lighted nocks – fits GT, X, H, and S series arrows Designed to improve efficiency in low light, enhance precision, and improve retrieval Ultra-strong polycarbonate construction Shot-activated lighting 20+ hrs. of battery life