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The Mathews Phase 4 29 Compound Bow maximizes your hunting experience with unprecedented dampening technology and cutting edge design. Eliminate excess energy and vibration while ensuring accuracy and balance with this one of a kind compound bow. The new Bridge-Lock Stabilizers offer improved balance points and a stiffer connection to the bow for added vibration dampening, featuring Mathew’s patent pending Interlink Weight Technology. Make the most of your hunting trip with the best of vibration dampening, and the first of its kind Resistance Phase Damping Technology for the stealthiest and smoothest shooting bows around. Get the Mathews Phase 4 29 Compound Bow today and experience the power of Mathews performance at its best. Features The Bridge-Lock: Stabilizers integrate directly into the riser, creating a more rigid connection and better balance point. Featuring Mathew’s patent pending Interlink Weight Technology, adding and removing stabilizer weights has never been easier with a redesigned threadless, stackable weight system that only requires one set screw for quick adjustments. Completed with a quick-disconnect knob allowing adjustability in ½” increments, the Bridge-Lock™ Stabilizers offer a new level of harmonic tuning and customization in a single bar. Bridge-Lock Stabilizers: Expanding on Mathews exclusive Bridge-Lock™ technology, the new Bridge-Lock™ Stabilizers offer improved balance points and a stiffer connection to your bow for added vibration dampening and enhanced stabilization. Resistance Phase Damping Technology: RPD stops vibration at the source, resulting in the smoothest shooting archery system Mathews has ever created. This first of its kind innovation tackles excess energy directly in the limbs which significantly deadens and silences post-shot vibration. This next generation of vibration damping technology results in the stealthiest hunting bow Mathews has ever produced. Specs Brace Height: 6″ Mass Weight: 4.48lbs ATA: 29″ IBO: Up to 340 FPS Draw Weight: 60, 65, 70, 75lbs (Max draw weight can typically be reduced by 10lbs) Draw Length: 25.5″-30″


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