Reveal Lithium Cartridge


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The Tactacam Reveal Rechargeable Lithium Battery Cartridge will save you time and money powering your Reveal trail camera. With the Tactacam Reveal Rechargeable Lithium Battery, you won’t have to worry about loading AA batteries throughout the season. Plus, the rechargeable cartridge features an LED light for the status of the charge: solid means currently charging, no light means fully charged, and blinking light indicates an error. Make powering your Tactacam Reveal even easier with this rechargeable lithium battery cartridge. Charging Note: Small red indicator light on the battery cartridge When the battery is connected to the power cable: Charging = Solid Fully Charged = no light / LED is off Error = Blinking / LED is flashing Errors typically occur if the charger is not the correct voltage, 5V **12V port does not charge the battery, it only powers the camera Features Long-life rechargeable battery for Reveal Cameras Saves money on non-rechargeable batteries No more time wasted loading AA batteries Type C cable included Specs Charge using a 5V type C USB charger (not included)

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