Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Double .01 LH


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The Fast Eddie XL Double Pin is one of our best selling sights! NOW INCLUDES SPOT HOGG’S QUICK DISCONNECT 3RD AXIS ADAPTER for more windage, and enough right windage to work with the V3X! Why use the Fast Eddie XL Double Pin with a triple ring? The key to accuracy for most of us bow hunters is the ability to line up the peep with the sight housing. I’m sure you have noticed that your peep will look different depending on the amount of ambient light there is. Sometimes your peep is fuzzy or blurry in low light situations, and that is where the multiple rings come into play. Having a solid peep makes it easy to line up your sight housing, but when the peep is blurry these multiple rings give you a larger ring to line up with. This is great in the early morning or late evening, or even indoors where there isn’t always ideal lighting conditions. This WILL make you a more accurate hunter. Comes with the single alignment ring and the triple alignment ring Silent Click free adjustments New Rack stop Rugged Lightweight 6″ dovetail mount Micro adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis Coarse Horizontal and Vertical adjustments Tool-less adjustment HRD Technology; No bushings, No slop, No buzz! Spreads out Sight Marks Large easy to sue Yardage Knob Solid 6061 Aluminum Constructions

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