Ten Point Center Punch Alpha-Nock Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrows EVO X 20″ .001 6-Pack


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CARBON CROSSBOW ARROWS – Constructed from modulus carbon fiber at 33 MSI and wrapped in an exclusive LAZER-TECH carbon weave, the EVO-X Non-Lighted CenterPunch 20-inch is fletched slightly offset with 3.5” Bohning X Vanes. IMPROVED ACCURACY – CenterPunch arrows are inspected for straightness to within .001, each package is weight-grain matched to within 1-grain/arrow & our brass insert adds more weight in the front, generating a 17.5% FOC & further improving accuracy. ALPHA-NOCK – TenPoint’s Alpha-Nock features a deep bowstring groove & a large smooth radius base to hold the bowstring in place and prevent “shoot-over” or “shoot-under”. NOTE: All non-lighted Alpha-Nocks are glued into the receivers. 28% INCREASED STRING-TO-NOCK ENGAGEMENT – The string on TenPoint’s extremely narrow crossbows wraps tightly around the center of the Alpha-Nock resulting in straight nock travel & precision down-range accuracy, while minimizing string serving wear. BETTER PENETRATION – Weighing in at 455-grains and measuring 20-inches long, these crossbow arrows provide the penetration and lethal accuracy needed for big game

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