The Mine-Seeker


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We are proud to introduce the Mini-Seeker™ foot platform by CRÜZR! With an industry-leading ergonomic design and our angled edge for maximum comfort, the long-awaited CRÜZR Mini-Seeker™ foot platform is finally here. Our newest platform sports a smaller, lighter form factor, making it more packable than ever! Regardless of which position you prefer to hunt from (sitting, leaning, or in between) the layout of the CRÜZR Mini-Seeker™ allows your ankles to stay at a natural and comfortable angle so you never have to compromise on comfort! Specifications: Cam-buckle strap included Weight: 3.25 lbs Rated at 300 lbs Slip-resistant traction Adjustable platform angle with an integrated leveling bolt Width: 11.64” Depth: 13.17” Angled front: 2.84”

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