Trophy Ridge Pursuit .019 Pin LH


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With one pin, the Trophy Ridge Pursuit Slider Sight produces smooth, silent adjustments and limitless pin settings. Thanks to the adjustable indicator pin, you can make small tweaks necessary for varying weather conditions. The Pursuit Slider features Delrin bushings, a rheostat sight light, low-light indicator tape, an ultra bright .019 fiber optic pin and a sight level. FEATURES: Adjustable indicator pin for precise adjustments Delrin ® bushings: smooth, quiet movement with no metal-to-metal contact Rheostat sight light provides visibility of pins in a range of conditions Ultra Bright .019 Fiber Optic Pin Sight level with third axis adjustability Front fiber optic ring uses up every bit of available light Contrast Glo Ring with special distribution technology for effortless peep aligning Sight light housing accepts exclusive Trophy Ridge ® Rheostat Sight Light and directs the light through the fiber optics

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