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The Mathews V3X 29 Compound Bow was designed to make your backcountry trips more efficient with its new lowpro fixed and detachable quivers, new bridge-lock sight system, and stay-afield system. These features benefit the user by increasing the stability of the bow and its accessories while eliminating load shifting from the bow while preparing for a shot or in transport. With the bridge-lock sight system, you’ll have increased accuracy and improved downrange accuracy for longer shots. The stay-afield system provides the user with a durable, lightweight, and comfortable support system to reduce fatigue and improve balance when moving or in position awaiting the perfect shot. Get ready for your next adventure with the Mathews V3X 29 Compound Bow – now available for purchase! Features New lowpro fixed an detachable quivers New bridge-lock sight system Stay afield system Specs Cam: Crosscentric w/ Switchweight Technology Draw lengths: 25.5″ – 30″ Draw weight: 60, 65, 70 & 75 IBO Rating: Up to 340 fps Physical weight: 4.47 lbs Axle-to-axle: 29″ Brace Height: 6″ Let-Off: 80 or 85%

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