Victory The Decimator Bolt


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Track your shot as it hits your mark with the Decimator Lighted Nock Bolts from Victory Archery®. Complete with three bolts to a pack, these bolts are constructed from 100% carbon fiber and boast a straightness of ±.003″, and inside diameter of .300″, and an outside diameter of .344″. Weighing in at 345 grains, the Decimator Bolts also come with lighted nocks and are fletched with Bohning® 3″ X-Vane shield cut vanes. FEATURES: Decimator Lighted Nock Bolts – 3 Pack Completed with lighted nocks for easier tracking of arrow in flight 100% carbon fiber construction Hand fletched with Bohning 3″ X-Vane shield cut vanes (straight fletch) Includes 110 grain brass inserts Straightness: ±.003″ Total Weight: 345 grains Shaft ID: .300″ Shaft OD: .344″ Length: 20″

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