Victory VAP TKO Gamer Fletched V3 Arrow 350 Spine


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VAP (Victory Armor Piercing) Quite simply the most advanced carbon fiber arrow ever available Features MaxxKe™ Technology, the outer layer of carbon fiber is oriented at ± 45° direction to reduce the twisting force imparted on the arrow during launch Reduction in torsional deflection greatly increases kinetic energy and accuracy Offers the same speed and accuracy of the original VAP with a higher grain weight for maximum power Ultra-small diameter (.166″) for maximum penetration, stable flight, and less wind drift Spine Aligned for increased accuracy and tighter grouping Nanoceramic ICE© coating for greater speed, penetration and easier removal from targets .166″ Series Gamer ± 0.003″ Includes AAE IP Nock #4 and VAP Shok™ Taper Lock Aluminum Insert (50 grains) 300 (9.5 gpi), 350 (8.7 gpi), 400 (7.9 gpi)