Victory VForce Sport V6 JR Fletched Arrow 400 Spine


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100% carbon fiber, standard diameter, hunting arrow Victory’s hottest hunting arrow just got hotter. The victory VForce hunting shaft is the most accurate standard diameter hunting shaft on the market. With industry leading tolerances, a standard .245 inside diameter and Victory’s spine alignment process the VForce is the arrow to take any archer to the next level. Couple the VForce with Victory’s new AC1245-22 insert and you have an arrow that will make you shoot more accurately. The Victory VForce is the deadliest combination for your next hunt of a lifetime. 100% Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber For Strength and Durability 100% Hand Fletched Nano Ceramic “ICE” Coating Finish For Ease of Pull From Targets and Penetration 7075 Aluminum Components Spine Aligned For Increased Accuracy and Consistency * Vane color may vary