Victory X Bolt Ultra Bright


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Victory’s Xbolt Crossbow bolts with installed ultra bright lighted nocks are designed to match today’s technology. Crossbows have risen to a permanent and prominent place in the hunting and archery world. They continue to grow technologically by leaps and bounds with new features, higher speeds and an ever-increasing need for crossbow arrows that can meet the demands of the crossbow shooter and the crossbow itself. Not any shaft will do, and Victory’s aerospace engineers have met that need. Xbolt crossbow bolts are a perfect blend of speed, accuracy and power to make the shot of a lifetime. Available in 20″ and 22″ lengths. Spine Aligned Every arrow is digitally spine aligned for increased accuracy and shot to shot consistency. Hand Fletched Xbolts are 100% custom hand fletched for optimum vane adhesion and alignment. ICE Nano Ceramic Coating Xbolts sport Victory’s advanced nano ceramic arrow coating which improves penetration and allows for easy removal from targets.

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